“The Safer Money Specialist”

Brad is a native Oklahoman and the President of Financial Services of his own company, Southwest Retirement, Inc

For over 10 years Brad has helped hundreds of Oklahomans plan and secure their financial futures.

As Edmond residents and active members of the Quail Springs Baptist Church, Brad and Fran have been married for 26 years and their son, Taylor, is a proud United States Marine at Camp Pendleton, California.

Brad is an avid golfer and is a sports fan enthusiast of the Sooner Nation and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Brad is a firm believer in that YOU should retire on your money and not your advisor. He is known as “The Safer Money Specialist”. Brad believes that each person is unique and that no single account is right for everyone. He knows that it is essential to determine a client’s needs in order to offer the most beneficial options possible.

If you want safety first, a reasonable rate of return and keeping things simple, then Brad is right for you.