Protection of Your Principal

We know how hard you’ve worked to earn and save money — money that needs to last a lifetime. At Southwest Retirement Resources, our number one priority is SAFETY FIRST. Your principal will be protected from market declines while you earn a reasonable rate of return over time.

If this is what you want, please schedule a meeting with Brad, during which you will learn if what we offer is right for you.

We don’t want to see anyone lose money because they put their money in a place where they have volatility or risk because of a market downturn.

At Southwest Retirement Resources we put our clients in a product that will keep their principal and interest protected and they no longer have to worry about whether the market is up or down. No more roller coaster ride up and down year after year only to watch one bad year wipe out half your money.

At Southwest Retirement Resources we believe everyone should keep some of their money in a place where the principal and interest is protected from loss. If you want some of your hard earned money in a place where the principal and interest is protected, please call us and set a time to meet with one of our representatives and we will be happy to completely explain your alternatives and introduce you to a product we believe might be right for you.

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