“When I first got assistance from Brad, I had very recently purchased a variable annuity through my stock broker. Brad helped me to understand this disastrous mistake. With his help, I was able to get every penny of my money back, even though the free-look period had expired. Brad educated me about fixed indexed annuities and helped me to select those best suited for me and my financial position. I have enjoyed the change.”

Mr. L. Pierce


“My experience working with Brad, and his staff has been outstanding, and a Blessing. I know my money is in a safe place for my retirement.”

Mrs. M. Cook


“Brad has been great helping me with our accounts and is always looking out for our best interest. He keeps us informed on new options and has made a great difference in our retirement portfolios.”

Mr. & Mrs. J. Cross


“I have known Brad for quite a few years and have been really satisfied with his support of my 5 IRA’s. I can call anytime and he is available to answer all of the questions I may have. He comes to my home which very few agents do and is very good at explaining any issues I do not understand. He is a very nice and trustworthy advisor.”

Mr. Bob Gregory